Inaugural Winter Camp: January 2–6, 2018 (Tuesday through Saturday)

Location: 14281 Chambers Road, Tustin, CA 92780


Get off to a great New Year at the Inaugural Lyceum Village Winter Camp. During this first week of 2018, help your child make a resolution to:

  • Learn something new.
  • Make new friends.
  • Do something hard.
  • Adopt a new hobby.
  • Take a challenge.
  • Overcome fear.
  • Talk in front of a group.
  • Eat well to be well.
  • Play a new instrument.

Lyceum Village provides high-level academic, athletic, and artistic training in one facility. This Winter Camp provides access to a balanced camp experience that is taught by the highest level programs in the area.

At the Lyceum Village Winter Camp, K8 campers will discover how much fun they can have in a week of learning in academics, athletics, and the arts. Each day, campers will rotate through three mini-classes offered by Lyceum Village enrichment providers. Parent and child will select the 3 classes for AM and/or PM and proficiency level when registering online.

Lunch is available for $40/week.

**Transportation Discounts Available with Zum** (Coupon code given at registration.)

Early-bird registration ($20 application fee waived) ends December 1st, 2017.


8:30am to 12:30pm



2:00pm to 6:00pm



8:300am to 6:00pm


Morning Sessions

  • Academics: How to Solve the Rubik’s Cube, Logic, and Math & Physics
  • Arts: Painting, Cello, Piano, Music Appreciation, or Chamber Music with JCM
  • Athletics: Taekwondo, Rhythmic Gymnastics, or Athletic Training
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    Afternoon Sessions

  • Academics: Biology, Speech & Debate, Chess, or Computer Science
  • Arts: Drawing, Violin, Piano, Music Appreciation, or Chamber Music with JCM
  • Athletics: Karate, Basketball, Volleyball, or Athletic Training
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    Descriptions of Academic Programs

    Award-winning speedcuber and iron-man, Philip Espinoza, will teach you how to solve the most famous puzzle in the world, the Rubik's cube. Once you’ve learned how to solve it, then you learn how to solve it faster! After that, you can try a 4x4 cube, 5x5 cube, 6x6 cube, and so on. Check out and to see all the twisty puzzles that will exercise you brain like nothing else! You’ll be hooked! Amazing your friends and family!
    Do you like to win? Thinking and planning ahead is the name of the game! Learn how to play with a plan, and you can win. In this mini-class, students will start easy with a basic tic-tac-toe. As you advance, “Otrio” will keep you thinking. Chess Fundamentals will then challenge your child with the king of all strategy games – Chess!
    3rd-5th grades: Introduction Skills, Good Grooming, Netiquette (electronic etiquette) and Party Protocol, Social Graces in Public Places and Correspondence.
    6th-8th grades: Supper club: Precedence, Polish and Poise, Netiquette of Social Media, Dining Skills at Table.
    Credos Legacy will teach your child what it means to be a critical thinker as they discover the world of public speaking and debate. Albert Einstein once said that, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”
    “Mommy, you said if I put my dish away I can have a cookie. I did it so can I have my cookie now?” Whether coming from the mouth of a three year old, or a Supreme Court Justice, logic is part of every day life. This class will use humor and everyday examples to help kids take logic to a whole new level. We will cover logical fallacies and how sound premises lead to valid conclusions. We will observe illogical statements in real life instances such as TV commercials and popular songs. This class will help all students not just in their everyday thinking, but in their future academic endeavors. In short, it will teach them how to think.
    Information to come.
    Fun, hands-on biology workshops provided by Bionerds. Learn about the amazing marine animals from the tiny plankton, starfish, to the great white sharks, and more. Your child will be up close and personal with the live/preserved/fresh organisms and perform cool biology experiments/activities using lab equipment/tools.
    Information to come.

    Descriptions of Art Programs

    Introductory students will discover rhythm, beginner music notation, and learn a piece to perform with good form. Intermediate students will learn an intermediate piece and technical exercises, as well as games to improve sight-reading and rhythm. Advanced players will be coached on their current repertoire from their private teachers, as well as challenged with sight-reading and rhythm games. Students will have ample chances to perform for the class and practice their difficult sections.
    Music Appreciation is the perfect music introductory class for new students, and a wonderful supplementary class for young music students studying an instrument. Students will be introduced to note recognition and notation, rhythm, sigh-reading, listening & vocal interpretation of notes. In addition, students will be exposed to live music and learn how to listen and enjoy its many forms. This exposure will provide an understanding of the different genres of music, dance, opera, ballet, etc.
    JCM will coach and proctor rehearsals for pre-formed ensembles, culminating in a mini-concert at the end of camp. This is an excellent opportunity for younger (4-8th grade) groups to get help getting started with fingering, counting, and basic rehearsal techniques. Daily mentoring will help groups in for JCM prepare for workshops and performance opportunities.
    Dive into Renee’s class to learn a bit of history (the fun parts!) and a lot of exploration of mediums, as we discover artists and learn their secrets and techniques, in addition to who inspired these artists, and who did they inspire. Students gain a lot from learning to make these connections, and then applying it to their own creative endeavors.
    Athletic Republic of California's program focuses on fundamental skills and abilities to develop good movement patterns; eye, hand, foot coordination; and relative strength. We emphasize focus and attention to support athletes to perform well in their sport or sports of choice.
    Information to come.
    Information to come.
    EuroGymnastics combines the beauty and elegance of dance with the athleticism of gymnastics. EuroGymnastics is girls gymnastics, gymnastics for beginners, dance, kids gymnastics, stretching, flexibility, ribbon gymnastics, and more.
    Olympic Gold Medalist Jimmy Kim honors Taekwondo traditions of respect and discipline and equips students with invaluable life skills such as confidence and perseverance. Each student will be placed in a level-appropriate class to give athletes a competitive edge in the sport of Taekwondo.
    United Volleyball offers age-appropriate skill development and opportunities to play volleyball games in a league format. Younger players will learn skills with the aid of "volleylite" and "first touch" volleyballs, and lower nets to aid in learning the proper fundamentals.